Top Paying Sales Jobs You Might Not Know About

Top Paying Sales Jobs You Might Not Know About

Many at times when individuals of different levels of education in sales management or sales marketing are seeking to build their careers, they often tend to look for employment in common sales fields which they often know are the highest paying. What these individuals fail to realize is that they are not thinking outside the box. Apart from the common top industries for jobs in sales in fields such as real estate, insurance, and advertisement, there lie more unknown and unexploited opportunities in the sales jobs field. The jobs either pay highly like the common exploited areas or even pay more than the common exploited areas in the sales field. Here are some of the various top paying sales jobs you might not know about:



This is a perfect match for sales agents with a passion for technology and with at least a few technical skills when it comes to operating a computer and computer-related devices. What many sales oriented individuals do not know is that this sales job pays an average of $ 70,000, commission included, according to Pay scale data statistics, especially for sales jobs in Houston or other popular markets. The academic level requirement ranges from the bachelor level to degree levels in fields of computer science, computer engineering or even information technology. The job basically entails the sale of software to technology dealers and widely involves hard work of the sales agent in demonstrating, answering questions, explaining how the software works and convincing technology novices to buy the software.


A sales agent in this field has to be great at building relationships and establishing themselves in their target market for their sector of medicine. The pharmaceutical sales job involves contacting various medical institutions including hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. The goal of a sales agent is to get the institutions to be potential customers to buy their products. It also involves a lot of traveling while on the job, visiting various offices in your market. The sales agent also has to keep up with the upcoming trends and new products in the pharmaceutical industry. The good news, is that the average amount of earnings per year is $122,107.00 according to pharmaceuticals sales salary report. Also, the academic requirement is only a bachelor degree and knowledge in basic treatment and therapeutic skills.


This is one of the industries which is thought of as a small niche, but that’s a misconception. This is a revolutionary industry as it experiences advances and improvement in technology from time to time ranging from highly advanced surgery equipment used to treat terminal illnesses, to new medicines being released to treat diseases. This job also requires reaching out to target customers consistently, demonstrating the value of the equipment to their practice, and convincing them to make an order. As with pharma sales, it also widely involves traveling and also building a social media presence on popular platforms like Facebook. Requirements include a bachelor degree in any medical field. The average amount per year is $147,857.00 as per reports by Medical Device Salary report.


Basically what this job entails is the sale of scientific and complex technology-related products to different businesses. To ensure success in this field, one has to be committed to explaining certain specific facts to the potential businesses and customers such as why they should choose to buy your complicated software and technology instead of buying from other competitors. A demonstration is also key in this line of jobs. The average pay per year is $97,650.00 for beginners while for top income earners, $165,000.00 is the norm.  This job requires the sales representatives to have a bachelor’s degree in any engineering field.

In conclusion, whenever an individual is seeking to venture into the sales business, you should keep an open mind and be open to new jobs you may not be familiar with.  There is lots of great opportunities out there that pay extremely well if you’re willing to look.

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