Product testing is a way to validate your product with your target audience before the launch. Product concept development and testing includes anything from advertisements or just telling key features or idea of the product. This is a very effective way to help to identify the weaknesses of the product which you can review and change or just to let the public know about the product. Product testing, if not done correctly might affect the reputation of the company.

In other words, Product testing can help you get your product to its best before its launch. There is always a 50% chance that your product will fail; this is exactly where product concept testing comes to play. This will help you identify what is working and what is expected in your product. By testing these products concepts early, you will know what concept will work and drive your revenue or impact the market.


There are three steps to help you build an effective test.

Choose your test methodology

There are many different ways you can test your product-

  • Single concept evaluation: The audience fully evaluate a single concept.
  • Multiple concept evaluation: The audience fully evaluates multiple concepts.
  • Concept selection: A comparative concept where the audience choose what they like.
  • Concept selection and evaluation: The audience choose the concept they like and then fully evaluate that concept.

Design and field study

After you have selected the test methodology that works for you. You can show the audience images or the description of the product and record their initial reaction. This initial response indicates if your product will stand out in the market or not. Topics that need to get covered about the product are its uniqueness, appeal, likability, believability, relevance, the demand of the product, the likelihood of being bought or the expected prices.


Identify the most promising product concept.

Once you have the results of the survey, you have to take a look at them and find out which concept will be successful for your product and also start gaining some insights.


Follow these steps to make sure you get the results of your research follow these steps:


  • Breakdown your results both overall and also individual concepts results
  • Understand a high level and in-depth view of the study
  • The overall key findings show which concept will work the best
  • Individual results allow you to dive deep in many attributes like appeal, uniqueness etc. of each concept.


Today, with all the advancements in technologies, we have automated tools like Qualtrics XM Solutions to make it easier for us to run product testing. You can also have a pre-designed survey, report and configuration wizard to help you map these steps and includes Qualtics license is Product Concept Testing XM Solution.

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