E-commerce fulfillment: 3 strategies to fulfill online orders

E-commerce fulfillment: 3 strategies to fulfill online orders

Receiving an order can be the most frustrating period for a customer. A customer who had a bad time with the fulfillment of their order is most likely to never shop with you again. Despite how important it is to fulfill the order properly, the mechants often care less about it once they receive the payment. The method involved in fulfilling the orders can be complex for many merchants even though they want to make their customer’s experience better. This guide will provide the necessary steps for the merchants to take the necessary steps to come up with the best strategy to fulfill online orders.

Fulfilling the order is not a hard thing to do, but we need to make sure of the small things like right packaging, timely delivery, and moderate shipping charges. There are many factors which are involved in the delivery of the order – technology, processes, and the organization of the people who help in delivering the order to the customer. Three strategies can be implemented to provide a good service.

Fullfill the orders ourselves

If a merchant does not have to ship a huge amount of order, they can do it themselves. The process will require the merchant to process the product, do the quality check, pack the product with labels and shipping the parcel through the nearest mail carriers. There are also many eCommerce shipping software which can manage the shipping rate discounts, printing labels, and managing the inventory. Another reason for you to ship the order yourself is when it is a handcrafted product and others cannot handle its packing properly as they have no idea about the product. So in this case you will have to take care of the delivery until it reaches the hands of the customer but if you are not able to do it yourself it better left in the hands of expert, fulfillment center ohio will help get the job done.

Drop Ship

Drop ship is the second strategy that you can imply on shipping the goods to your customers. In this process, a merchant buys the goods from the vendors and ship them to the customers at different locations when ordered. The drop shipper remains completely invisible in the process and doesn’t reveal its identity to anyone. This gives the merchants to freedom to buy the inventory only when their customers order it. It means they do not have to purchase the items in bulk upfront to get their business started. They can post the items on their website, and when the need arises, they will buy fresh items and deliver them to the customers. Drop shipping is an effective way for people to get their business started as it does not require much investment and works best for niche markets because of less competition.

Using a 3PL

Taking the help of a third-party logistics is also a good strategy for shipping of products. 3rd party logistics or 3PL is also known as eFulfillment services, pick and pack service, and eCommerce delivery providers. As the business starts to grow, it becomes difficult to fulfill the increasing amount of orders, which is where 3PL steps in. Many merchants use 3PL to take care of the supply chain process. Before you ship the product to the 3PL warehouses to be packed and shipped, you need to gain the ownership of the product that you want to ship. You also need to pay a certain fee to the 3PL services to ship and deliver the products on time, so you need to manage that with the price tag on your product.

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